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"Turkey Regulation on the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Technology and Innovation Support Program" (Regulation) and "TUBITAK Techno Capital Support Implementation Principles" (Application Guidelines) "frame," Individual Entrepreneurship (bigger) "also referred to as" 1512 - Techno-Capital Support Program "for the business idea I have pre-applied to the HASAN KALYONCU UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT REGION for;
• I have declared my identity information correctly during the application process,
• I have provided the preliminary application conditions stated in the Call Announcement and that I have correctly entered the information I have entered into,
• Hasan Kalyoncu University will not claim any rights against Hasan Kalyoncu University due to the loss of rights due to the delay of submitting business idea to TUBITAK,
• I am fully informed about the legislation at ​​for the related support program, I will follow the developments about such legislation frequently and I will act in compliance with the legislation. • I understand that Hasan Kalyoncu University will not be responsible for any loss, infringement, disclosure and loss of information, documents and documents in all kinds of applications, communications and correspondence made with Hasan Kalyoncu University in all the processes including application evaluation and monitoring of the program, I am not going to have any appeal against Kalyoncu University,
• I declare that this practice related to the Business Idea is open to the public and that any infringement and intent is open to the public and that all of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights must be provided by Yıldız Teknopark. I did not take responsibility for the related activities,
• In case of any dispute in Hasan Kalyoncu University in all the processes including application evaluation and monitoring of the program and in all information and documents related to all information and business plan applied in electronic form via, Hasan Kalyoncu University's data I know that your records will be taken as the basis,
• As a result of the preliminary application made by Hasan Kalyoncu University as the implementing organization mentioned in the text of the call, Hasan Kalyoncu University will not hold responsible for the results of sharing with Hasan Kalyoncu University,
• I will prepare the business idea and the first and the second phase of the work plan. I will inform and inform all the information and documents that I have given to the persons assigned to Hasan Kalyoncu University regarding the business plan and give the training information given about the personnel assigned / assigned to carry out the business plan / project activities and I will submit all kinds of information and documents for the necessary supervision and monitoring by Hasan Kalyoncu University when necessary.
• I would not hold Hasan Kalyoncu University responsible for the ethical and all kinds of violations of audiences and panelists working at Hasan Kalyoncu University in evaluating my business idea and business plan. • Any visuals (logo, trademark, etc.) of Hasan Kalyoncu University and Smart Bigg without written permission from Hasan Kalyoncu University, indicating that the business plan and the public announcement regarding business plan and business plan outputs are supported by smart Bigg. .),
• I have been informed individually and collectively about all of the items included in the contract, and I have information about each item and its results,

I accept and undertake the irrevocable recourse.

I understand that I will comply with all decisions taken by Hasan Kalyoncu University in this matter (including removal from this program) and that the sanctions to be applied are directly applicable to me if I do not comply with the rules that I have agreed to and have committed above, and / or if there is any contradiction in the information I have given by Hasan Kalyoncu University. I accept and undertake that I have no possibility of objection to decisions and sanctions.

I clearly understood the contract and accepted all my responsibilities. *